Who are we?

Sabah Women’s Action-Resources Group (SAWO) was formed in 1985 by a group of women and men who were concerned about the increasing violence and injustice against women and children in our society. Working together with other women’s groups and NGOs around the country, known collectively as the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG), SAWO first made impact when it launched the national campaign against violence against women (VAW) in Sabah on September 1986 with a two-day public workshop-cum-exhibition. Since then, SAWO has continued to work and lobby for better protection and assistance for women and children.

The work of JAG has directly resulted in many statutory changes, including rape law reforms in 1989 and the enactment of the Domestic Violence Act in 1994. In advancing the needs of VAW survivors, SAWO initiated the first one stop crisis centre (OSCC) in Queen Elizabeth Hospital and continues to advocate for more shelters for women and children in crisis.

The 2012/2013 Executive Committee line-up:

President                         :           Mrs. Winnie Yee

Vice President               :           Mrs. Jamilah Lee

Hon. Secretary              :           Mrs. Amy Marcus

Asst. Hon. Secretary   :           Ms. Theresa Moguil

Hon. Treasurer              :           Mrs. Mary Chai Fui Yin

Committee Member    :           Ms. Adeline Chee Su Mie

Committee Member    :           Ms. Samantha Oh

Front row (from left):

Amy Marcus (Secretary), Winnie Yee (President), Mary Chai (Treasurer), Adeline Chee (Exco Member), Theresa Moguil (Asst. Secretary), Mary Lee (Legal Advisor)

Standing (from left):

Irene Lim (Support Services Program Coordinator), Liau Yin Fung (Member), Doreen Matalus (Member), Fazidah Ajamain (Member), Kathy Nguyen (Intern), Sawinder Kaur (Member), Samantha Oh (Exco Member), Chua Yee Chi (Member), Lee Pick Yuen (Member), Emmy Lo (Finance Coordinator), Cherylkristy Trabucon (Program Assistant)